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Winegrowers come under the protection
of Sainte-Hélène...

  • After the relics of Sainte-Hélène arrived at the abbey of Hautvillers in 841 during circumstances worthy of an adventure novel, the village became a centre of devotion and pilgrimage to this protective saint who is said to have discovered the Holy Cross during pilgrimage to Jerusalem. ... /...
  • In the year of 1048, when a severe drought desolated the Champagne region, the relics of Sainte-Hélène, preserved in the abbey of Saint-Sindulphe at Hautvillers were exhibited to stop the scourge. Whilst many of the faithful worshiped them, heavy rain began to fall. A cross was erected in this location opposite Champagne Hélène Delhéry in memory of this miracle.

Cellars of the XVII-XVIII century,
carved into the chalk by the monks...

  • Founded in 1931, the SCV, the winemakers of Hautvillers settled permanently in 1936 at the entrance of Hautvillers on the road from Epernay called "Côtes de Lhéry". Situated between the right bank of the river Marne and the hillsides of the Montagne de Reims, Hautvillers is the most famous village in the Champagne vineyards, the "Birthplace of Champagne" originates from Dom Pérignon, pioneer of manufacturing blends of soils and grape varieties, ... /...
  • he gave birth to the effervescence in Champagne. Today, more than 1 million bottles are slowly ageing in the many kilometers of cellars carved into the chalk by the disciples of the "father" of champagne ... exceptional vintages in the making.

Grapes developed
through the work of
winegrowers and the expertise of the Cellar Master ...

  • Grapes, true "pearls" which are pampered by our winemakers who apply their full attention and professionalism. The Champagne is created by Gabrielle Bouby, one of the few female Cellar Masters in the Champagne industry. Through her expertise, qualities are revealed; finesse, purity, delicacy, sensuality, and the preciousness of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from our unique soil. ... /...
  • The champagnes are true jewels shaped both by man and the use of modern production tools, then enhanced by long ageing in chalk cellars. On tasting, fine bubbles of our divine champagne shine like pearls.

in the image of an exceptional location...

Perles d'Assemblage

Perles d'Assemblage

Perles de Chardonnay

Perles de Chardonnay

Perles Rosées

Perles Rosées

Éclat de perles

Éclat de perles
Silver Medal at the IWSC of London 2016
Silver Medal at the Vinalies Internationales Exhibition 2014
Gold medal in Concours agricole 2016
Gold medal in Concours des feminalises 2016
Perles d'Assemblage Harmony and a balance of flavors, delicate and silky on the palate. A real pleasure for every occasion
Perles d'Assemblage The color is golden and has generous quantities of lively, small, fine and regular pearls of sparkling bubbles. Its fragrance reflects cooked apples and spices (cinnamon and cloves), this champagne is slightly orientated towards notes of cream and bread which demonstrates evidence of the complexity and good ageing in the cellar.
On tasting, the effervescence is rounded and merged, the wine is discreet and offers a silky texture, soft and delicate. The acidity and sweetness give a delicious balance and highlight the harmonious character of the vintage. After a few moments, these pearls blend the three different Champagne grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier) to recreate the limestone origin of the grapes, without excess, always with delicacy.
Privilege this vintage champagne in a slender champagne flute, serve at 8 ° C accompanied by tender, savoury baked pastries.
Silver Medal at the IWSC of London 2016
Silver Medal at the Vinalies Internationales Exhibition 2014
Silver medal in Concours Agricole 2016
Perles de Chardonnay A champagne with strong character from its grape variety and its local identity. Its freshness is appreciated as an aperitif and served with shellfish.
Perles de Chardonnay Its pale yellow color provides an alert effervescence, fine and crystalline. Its flowery aromas immediately evoke the freshness of spring (acacia, honeysuckle and daffodil) With aeration, notes of summer fruit (plum) and fresh grass (vetiver) bring complexity. The acidity, slightly biting when tasted. It is an acidulous wine (acid-sugar), delicate, fresh and sleek, well tensioned until the final mouthful. It reveals both the character of Chardonnay and mineral identity of its limestone soil.
Enjoy it today served in a slender champagne flute at 8°C. A cocktail with some parmesan shavings, deliciously welcome, could also be served with light shellfish.
Bronze Medal at the IWSC of London 2016
Gold medal in Concours agricole 2016
Gold medal in Concours des Feminalises 2016
Perles Rosées Behind the seductive appearance lies a well-defined identity. Its structure goes well with most delicacies.
Perles Rosées Gowned in petal pink this rosé champagne immediately evokes elegance and seduction. It has an abundant effervescence with a good surface feeding of bubbles resembling white cords, a most beautiful effect. Gourmand notes of cherry and marshmallow with a lightly "smoked" background. Peony and strawberries with cream mingle in the taste. Later still, a hint of graphite signifies the mineral content of the vintage. Tasting is marked by a petulant freshness. The wine is vinous and quite structured, this shows a texture that is similar to taffeta; a few tannins make the material denser and prepare for the final result. This reveals long lasting aromas. It releases a sense of power where there is acidity, sugar, vinous and tannins from the “coteau champenois rouge” of Hautvillers, rich and coherent when together.
It is an ambivalent Rosé Champagne and behind its seductive appearance can be seen a well-defined identity.
Do not serve too cool (10-12 ° C) in a wide champagne flute such as a "tulip flute"! It can be served with fine beef or lamb dishes to give a different aspect.
Silver Medal at the IWSC of London 2016
Gold Medal at the Feminalise Wine Tasting Competition - Beaune 2014
(Wines which are only tasted by women.)
Silver Medal at the Mondial de Bruxelles Competition 2014
Silver Medal at the Grands Vins de France Competition - Macon 2014
Éclat de perles Reflecting the finest grapes from an exceptional and unique soil. The pleasure of tasting a « Grand Vin de Champagne ».
Éclat de perles Wealth is the first impression given by this golden gowned, deep and lively champagne with abundant fine pearls which move quickly to the surface to form a thick, full cord.
Very discrete aromas of ripened fruits are accompanied by beautiful notes of freshly baked baguette. After a few minutes, the wine confirms its mineral and spicy character. Gradually changing oxygen levels deliver hints of honey, apple, pineapple, dried fruit ... These fragrances demonstrate that there was good quality of the raw materials at the harvest time. On tasting, the champagne is immediately fresh then turns to a broader aspect, opulent and indulgent. It is a blend of selected grapes resulting in a broad rich champagne, concentrated, which knows how to show elegance, pure and generous.
Serve in a champagne flute with a broader top so the wine can be best expressed and if possible not too cool (10-12 ° C). For keen champagne lovers, this vintage can be kept in a cellar for 3 to 5 years.

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